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Gavan to speak out against the US use of Shannon Airport at Stop the War Coalition conference

30 September, 2016 - by Paul Gavan

Sinn Féin Senator Paul Gavan has accepted an invitation to speak at the upcoming Stop The War Coalition Conference in London on 8th October. Keynote speakers at the conference include British Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Speaking ahead of the event, Senator Gavan said:

“I’m delighted to accept an invitation to represent Sinn Féin at the Stop the War coalition conference on 8th October, in London.

“Stop the War was established in 2001 as a campaign against the British establishment’s commitment to war and imperialism.

“The conference will mark the 15th anniversary of the founding of the Coalition.

“The fact that a representative from Sinn Féin has been invited to speak at such a conference highlights that the world is watching Ireland and is well aware of our government’s role in facilitating the US and Britain’s campaign of terror in the Middle East.

“I will be speaking on the subject of Shannon Airport, Irish neutrality and Sinn Féin’s long standing opposition to imperialism.

“As a resident of Limerick, I am well aware that our civilian Shannon airport has virtually become a forward base for the US military to carry out military operations and exercises.

“It’s an embarrassment and a disgrace that our state is facilitating human rights abuses across the world and our government is making a mockery of any such commitment to Irish neutrality.

“Sinn Féin will be introducing a neutrality bill into the Dáil, which seeks to create a referendum to enshrine neutrality into the constitution. At this conference I hope to gather support for Sinn Féin's neutrality bill and to create international pressure on the Irish Government.

“It's time for Shannon Airport to become a civilian airport again.” 

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