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Dublin City Council opposes sale of CIE land – Doolan

3 October, 2016 - by Daithí Doolan

Dublin City Council has tonight passed a Sinn Féin emergency motion opposing the sale of CIE land at the Point Village and another 3.7 hectares at Connolly Station.

Speaking in City Hall tonight, Cllr Daithí Doolan, chair of the Dublin City Council's housing committee, said:

“Dublin is in the midst of an unprecedented housing crisis. It is unacceptable that a state body is selling off public land for private housing developments. We must focus on maximising social and affordable housing to meet the huge demand for housing in Dublin. This will only happen if Dublin City Council owns the land. A fire-sale of land will only force us deeper in the housing crisis.

“Minister for Housing Simon Coveney promised Dublin City Council that funding will be made available to purchase land for housing. Now is an opportunity to make that promise a reality. The funding must be provided as soon as possible.

“I was shocked to read reports that CIE were in the final stages of selling land at the Point Village and intend to sell more land at Connolly Station. Dublin City Council has spoken in a loud and united voice tonight. We want the Department of Housing to provide the promised funding to allow this council buy that land and to develop it in line with our housing strategy.

“The sale of public land for private development during a housing crisis is a travesty. It should not go ahead. Minister Coveney must step up the mark and work with Dublin City Council to provide housing for the 29,000 applicants on our housing lists and for the thousands of homeless families.

“This government cannot be allowed to make the same mistakes of the past. The land sale must be stopped and Dublin City Council must be allowed to develop this public land to meet the needs of the public not the needs of private developers.” 

Note: Please see the motion in question below

Emergency motion:

Dublin City Council is deeply concerned at the sale by CIE of public land at the Point Village & Connolly Station.

We call on Minister Simon Coveney to make the necessary funds available to allow Dublin City Council purchase the land and develop it for housing.

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