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Public discussion on future Irish constitutional arrangements more urgent in aftermath of Brexit result - MEP

6 October, 2016 - by Matt Carthy MEP

Sinn Féin MEP Matt Carthy has said that public discussion on future political constitutional and economic arrangements for the island of Ireland are more urgent than ever in the aftermath of the Brexit referendum result.

Addressing a public meeting in central Dublin entitled 'Irish Unity makes Economic Sense', Carthy said:

"Discussion of future constitutional, political and economic arrangements on this island are more important than ever in the aftermath of the Brexit referendum result, in which the people of the North voted to remain, with the rest of the island, within the European Union."

Carthy was joined by Sinn Féin Deputy Leader Mary Lou McDonald TD and Canadian-based academic Dr Kurt Hubner, author of the Modelling Irish Unity study, which showed major economic dividends in the event of Irish reunification.

Carthy said:

"Dr Hubner’s important economic research merits serious debate by all those who are serious about tapping the real economic potential of this island.

"I think that it is remarkable that this is the first report of its kind since the Partition of Ireland in 1921.

"There was great hope after the Good Friday Agreement that the all-Ireland economy would be developed to its full potential.

"But so far, political ideology has trumped economic opportunities for the whole island.

"It is important that all political representatives take note of this report."

He continued:

"I believe that we are entering a defining period in Irish political history.

"The prospect of the North being removed from the EU against the will of the people there, and the return of a hard border in Ireland, has brought the issue of Irish re-unification firmly back onto the political agenda.

"Sinn Féin believes that Partition has been a failure - politically, socially and economically.

"We are seeking to initiate a genuine and inclusive debate about the future of Ireland and the prospects for new constitutional, political and economic arrangements which better suit Ireland in 2016.

"We need everyone, from all political parties, from the media, and from all walks of life to engage in this important discussion.

"I believe the Modelling Irish Unity report may be one of the sparks that ignites a debate which will change this country for the better."

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