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Carthy calls for support for border protests against Brexit

7 October, 2016 - by Matt Carthy MEP

Sinn Féin MEP Matt Carthy has called for support for tomorrow’s border Day of Action against Brexit.The recently established Border Communities Against Brexit have organised a number of mobilisations at various locations along the border to demand that the North’s vote to remain in the EU be respected, and in opposition to any strengthening of the border between North and South.Matt Carthy said:“The idea of a new EU frontier, stretching from Dundalk to Derry, is not something which is anyone’s interests. “The prospect of customs tariffs and the restriction of the free movement of goods, services and people across the border is now of deep and growing concern, especially to businesses, workers, students and farmers in the border region.“In June, the people of the North, voted to remain within the European Union. It would be unthinkable now to have one part of this island operating within the EU and another outside it. But that is exactly what the British Government is proposing.“Any strengthening of the border or undoing of progress made during the Peace Process, is something which nobody in Ireland wants, and would breach the Good Friday Agreement.“We must all stand together uphold the democratic wishes of the people of the North.“We must stand against any bolstering of the border or the reintroduction of customs checks or other barriers.“We must defend border communities, businesses, workers and farmers.“That is why I am calling for maximum public support and attendance at tomorrow's events organised by Border Communities Against Brexit. People power us what is now needed.“I will be attending the event in my own area which is at Moybridge near Aughnacloy on the Monaghan/Tyrone border at 3pm.”ENDS

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