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One fish kill incident is unacceptable - One hundred and fifty is unsustainable - McMullan

10 October, 2016 - by Oliver McMullan

Sinn Féin environment spokesperson and member of the EARA committee, Oliver McMullan MLA, has expressed huge dismay and anger at another fish kill this year and is demanding that action be taken to tighten up on protection for our rivers as fish stocks and ecosystems are under growing threat.

Speaking today Mr McMullan said:

“The fish kill at Carrig River comes at a time when trout and salmon have began to enter and travel up our rivers to spawn. It is an essential part of the season which ensures that there is sustainability to our already depleted fish stocks.

“This latest fish kill caused by a chemical spillage is unacceptable and is another major kill in what has been a disastrous year for our rivers.

“The number of incidents so far this years is above the 150 mark compared to only 100 for last year in total.

“I will be contacting the Agriculture minister who now has responsibility for these incidents to press her for greater enforcement and protection of our rivers.

“Given the damage that such pollution incidents cause to the ecosystem of our waterways, it is crucial that we take all possible steps to eliminate, or in the very least minimise, the occurrence of pollution events.”

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