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Cllr Mark Ward fears for future of Clondalkin unemployment service

11 October, 2016

Sinn Féin Councillor for the Clondalkin LEA Mark Ward fears the Dunawley, Bawnoge and Deansrath unemployment (DBD) group could close for financial reasons. Cllr Ward met with the DBD on Friday and was concerned how critical the situation was. Cllr Ward is also asking for funding or donations to keep this vital service open.

Cllr Ward said:

“The DBD provide a service to help unemployed people to increase their job seeking skills. They operate this service in an area with high unemployment rates and offer invaluable advice to those seeking jobs.

“I visited them at their premises over the Bawnoge Shops recently and was struck by how passionate and dedicated the staff are to keeping the service open. However this is proving difficult financially.

“The DBD has been serving the local community, continuously, since its inception delivering a wide range of support services to Job Seekers in the Clondalkin Area but does not receive any funding.

“Talking to the staff they disclosed how they have cut their expenditure to the bone and are still struggling to pay their basic overheads of rents, electricity and phones.

“This vital service to the community aims to expand awareness and help participants understand how the application of simple techniques can greatly enhance job seeking skills. Service users will be able to identify ways to improve their job seeking decision-making capabilities as well as having access to the facilities of the DBD (telephones, computer, email, newspapers etc.

“There are currently over 600 active service users currently using the DBD. The service rely on self-funding and donations to keep its operation going, however due to recent scandals involving charity groups such as Console these donations have dried up. In the wider scheme of things it would not take a vast amount of money to keep the DBD open and Id appeal to anyone who would like to help to contact the DBD directly.”

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