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Budget 2017 patronises the old and discriminates against the young – Mythen

13 October, 2016 - by Johnny Mythen

Wexford County and Sinn Féin Cllr Johnny Mythen has accused the government of not been able to recognise or relate to the real problems that are facing the elderly and the young.

Cllr Mythen said that the layout of Budget 2017 was a series of well selected soundbites that would have outclassed any American presidential chat show.

Cllr Mythen said:

“Giving an increase of 3 euros to O.A.P.s between 65 and 70, €2.70 to young people between 18 and 25 and raising the minimum wage by 10 cent an hour is condescending to say the least. While on the 1st of January, TDs, ministers, and the Taoiseach will get €100, €220, and €280 respectively per week, which equates to €5000, €11000, and €14,000 per year.

“Budget 2017 was an opportunity to put things right. Last week, Sinn Féin announced their alternative Budget which was fully costed by the Department of Finance; which, with meticulous budget costings and spending, included the ending of water charges and the property tax, while instigating a major capital investment project and creating 23,500 new jobs next year.

“However, what was delivered in the Dáil was a sequence of paltry social benefit increases on one hand, while divvying out thousands to the elites on the other.

“Only this week, the Fianna Fail spokesperson on Mental Health was on South East Radio and pledged his party’s support for a 24/7 mental health service in County Wexford. Budget 2017, contrived by the government in tandem with their partners Fianna Fáil, sanctioned €20 million in Capital Acquisitions Tax Breaks, benefiting a mere 2,000 individuals. This give away of taxpayers’ money of €20 million would have provided a 24/7 mental health service for County Wexford and the rest of the country. Another opportunity missed.

“Budget 2017 is proof that the new start , the new politics promised, turns out after all to be the centre ground parties of old morphing even closer. Keeping the status quo, keeping the elitist system intact and keeping the gates closed tightly on those who dare to challenge their cosy alignment.” 

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