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McLaughlin - Governments must act on UUP failure

23 June, 2003

Commenting on the decision of Jeffery Donaldson and other rejectionist unionist MPs to resign the UUP Whip at Westminster, Sinn Féin National Chairperson Mitchel McLaughlin said:

"This is not about personalities. It about fundamental issues facing unionism at this time. It is about unionisms inability to deal with the changes which flow from the full implementation of the Good Friday Agreement.

"It is about the no camp setting the agenda. David Trimble has allowed this to happen. The cancellation of today's planned meeting with the Taoiseach in Dublin shows clearly that Jeffery Donaldson is setting his agenda.

"If unionism proves incapable of managing the process of change then the two governments and the British government in particular must act to implement the Good Friday Agreement and hold elections to the Assembly." ENDS

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