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Gerry Adams to deliver keynote speech on peace process in Belfast

6 April, 2005

A senior Sinn Féin source has this morning said that: "Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams will make a keynote speech in Belfast later today. The spokesperson said:

The peace process is at a defining point. Irish republicanism is at a defining point. There is a need to move the political situation decisively forward.

Speaking in Derry at Easter Gerry Adams told republicans that they need to strategise, plan and be prepared to act. The Sinn Féin President alerted republicans to the inevitability of more hard choices, more hard decisions as they seek to push ahead with their political project, and as republicans seek to achieve a united Ireland.

Mr. Adams urged activists and supporters to reflect on where Irish republicanism is today, how it got here and where they now need to go.

And he posed the question; are they ready to take more risks?

Gerry Adams said that he believes they are; that they must; and that it was his intention to return to this issue in the short period ahead.

He will do this in his keynote speech today.

The Sinn Féin peace strategy and the initiatives Irish republicans have taken are what have made the progress of the last 10 years possible .

It is Mr. Adams intention to map out what he believes are the necessary next steps in the process, and the central role - the historic role -republicans must play in this if the peace process is to succeed.

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