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Sinn Féin publishes motion to block politicians’ pay rises

20 October, 2016 - by David Cullinane TD

Sinn Féin spokesperson for public expenditure and reform David Cullinane TD has published a motion that will call on the government to stop pay increases due under the Lansdowne Road Agreement.

Speaking today, Deputy Cullinane said:

“This is an issue of fairness. We are still witnessing a two-tier recovery.  

“The legacy of cuts to pay and public services continues to place enormous pressure on ordinary people and households.

“The Lansdowne Road Agreement failed to address the issue of pay inequality for post-2011 entrants, while giving partial pay restoration to those on wages over €65,000.

“In this context is it wrong for TDs to jump the queue. The fact that the first repayment to TDs and senators will take place on 1 April 2017 is a joke in very poor taste.

“Sinn Féin opposed the terms and conditions of the various FEMPI acts. When the legislation was first brought to the House we put forward amendments to reduce Deputies' pay to €75,000. This was rejected of course, and TDs continue to be very-well paid.

“Currently, a public sector worker on an average salary of between €35,000 and €40,000 per annum will receive a €1,000 increase or restoration, yet TDs who are on over €87,258, will see their salary rise to €92,672.  I do not believe that is justified.

“It is unfair that somebody on €30,000 or €40,000 per year, an average wage in the public sector, is getting pay restoration of €1,000 while Deputies are expected to take over €100 a week.

“We hope that all parties will support this motion, and we can start to focus on the outstanding issues in the public sector and acknowledge that pay restoration for TDs is not, and should not be treated as, a top priority.

“Sinn Féin TDs will not take this pay increase regardless of whether our motion is successful or not.”


Motion on TD and Senator Pay Under the Lansdowne Road Agreement

That Dáil Éireann:

Accepts that:

  • the legacy of eight years of cuts to pay and public services continues to place enormous pressure on ordinary people and households;
  • there is a two-tier recovery and the majority of households have yet to see any discernible difference in their everyday lives;
  • pay equality within the public sector remains an outstanding legacy issue of the crisis and bailout and needs to be tackled;

Acknowledges that:

  • the Budget 2017 measures announced on 11 October 2016 do not tackle pay inequality in the public sector in any substantial way nor do they tackle the two-tier recovery and its effect on the majority of households; 

Calls on the Government to:

  • stop pay restoration due for teachaí dála, senators, ministers of state, ministers and the Taoiseach as part of the Lansdowne Road Agreement.

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