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Fine Gael MEP’s comments expose arrogance of CETA supporters - Carthy

26 October, 2016 - by Matt Carthy MEP

Sinn Féin MEP Matt Carthy has slammed, as an example of the arrogance of CETA proponents, comments attributed to Fine Gael MEP Seán Kelly regarding the decision of the Walloon Parliament to reject the controversial Canadian-EU trade agreement.

Kelly decried what he termed the “hullabaloo” over CETA and described the democratic right of the Walloon Parliament to block the controversial deal as “absolutely ridiculous”.

Matt Carthy had responded saying:

“Sean Kelly’s condescending remarks about the democratic decision of the Parliament of Wallonia, and the resultant position of the Belgian government, highlight once again the arrogance we have come to expect from proponents of CETA, particularly Fine Gael, in relation to the regressive EU trade agenda

“The fundamentally undemocratic attitude of Fine Gael has been laid bare in their approach to the CETA and TTIP negotiations. They have no interest in citizens in Ireland or elsewhere having a say on these critical issues.

“The decision in Wallonia shows what can happen when even small nations or regions are given a democratic say on the issue and that is what Sean Kelly and Fine Gael have a problem with.

“Ireland’s Seanad has already voted against CETA, the majority of our MEPs are opposed to the deal, but the Fine Gael Government has not allowed any Dáil vote on the issue and carries on its campaign in favour this toxic deal.

“In contrast, the Walloon Parliament has carried out a comprehensive analysis of the potential impact CETA would have on its people and its economy.  The Irish government should be doing likewise rather than simply acting as cheerleaders for a deal which clearly has no popular support.

“CETA, like TTIP, is bad deal which would have serious negative implications for Irish farmers, workers and consumers.

“Through its provision for an Investment Court, it will undermine Irish democracy and our judicial system.

“Sean Kelly and the Fine Gael government need to face reality, accept that CETA is finished, and join us in arguing for a new approach to trade at an EU level, an approach that should have the interests of citizens and the promotion of sustainable economic growth at its centre."


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