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Our vote to remain must be respected - O'Dowd

26 October, 2016 - by John O'Dowd

Sinn Féin MLA John O'Dowd has said the people of the North have been consistent on remaining in the EU and that position must be respected. 

Mr O'Dowd said; 

"Theresa May made her views on the EU clear speaking to Goldman Sachs just a month before the referendum when she outlined the benefits of EU membership. 

"As Home Secretary, she clearly said that EU membership is key to investment. 

"It is yet another example of the disarray within the British Tory party on Brexit. 

"Downing Street may try to downplay or ignore her comments now but they cannot downplay or ignore the fact that the majority of people in the North voted to remain in the EU. 

"Unlike Theresa May Sinn Féin has not changed our minds; remain means remain and our vote must be respected."

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