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Government amendment to anti-fracking bill is sinister and deceitful - Martin Kenny TD

26 October, 2016 - by Martin Kenny TD

Sinn Féin TD for Sligo, Leitrim, West Cavan and South Donegal, Martin Kenny has reiterated his party’s support for a ban on fracking and has described the government’s amendment to the Tony McLoughlin bill as a sinister and deceitful development by a Fine Gael government which is clearly not willing to implement a ban on hydrolic fracturing. 

Deputy Kenny said:

“When I saw that Tony McLoughlin’s bill was being introduced in private members’ time and not as government legislation, I feared that the government was not committed to a ban on fracking.

“As his bill came out in the Dáil lottery before our own Sinn Féin legislation to ban fracking, we were prepared to support it in line with our commitment to prohibit it on the island of Ireland, North and South.”

“The government amendment to this bill is a sinister and deceitful development which does not ban fracking and introduces reports, consultations and other delaying tactics before a second reading, not until the middle of next year.

“We don’t need any more reports or consultation on fracking when the most reputable bodies and scientists have proven its devastating effects on the environment. This is something that we do not want here and as soon as possible Sinn Féin will introduce legislation to ban it.

“This amendment reintroduces the discredited report carried for the EPA by CDM Smith a long-standing proponent of fracking and advocate for the oil industry. It also introduces a clause which speaks of “not giving rise to adverse effects on the use of natural resources or on the state’s energy policy” which clearly displays the government’s intention to proceed with hydrolic fracturing if it can.”

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