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Food Fraud epidemic still not under control - Lynn Boylan MEP

28 October, 2016 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Sinn Féin MEP Lynn Boylan today reacted to the news that a Europol and Interpol food fraud investigation has uncovered unprecedented amounts of food fraud.

She said;

"In just four months alone, over 11,000 tonnes and almost 1.5 million litres of food and beverages which were counterfeit or substandard were discovered.

‘Almost four years on from the horsemeat scandal, these revelations show that food fraud has definitely not gone away. Indeed, the amounts of fraudulent food seized in this year’s operation, worryingly far outstrips previous years’ figures. 

"The worst offenders were the condiments category which includes oils, vinegars, spices as well as salt and pepper. Fruit and vegetables came in second. Shockingly it was discovered that olives are even being painted with copper sulphates to enhance their green colour.

"The sheer scale of these fraudulent operations demonstrates that there is still much to be done to tackle this problem. Unfortunately, food safety authorities across Europe have seen their budgets slashed since the crisis. It is essential that we have a properly funded food safety service if we are serious about holding these food fraud criminals to account."

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