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Adams - Two governments face significant challenges

12 April, 2005

Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams speaking at the launch of Conor Murphy's campaign for Newry and Armagh said:

" Last week I made an appeal to the IRA to commit itself to purely political and democratic activity. But because my appeal - because the focus of my remarks were directed at the IRA - some have interpreted this as suggesting that I see the IRA as being the only problem. That is not the case.

" I made it very clear in my speech last week that there are many problems to be resolved in the time ahead. Particularly for those parties with a responsibility to implement the Good Friday Agreement. It especially has huge implications for the two governments. They face significant challenges. Not least implementing commitments they have made and not honoured.

" Demilitarisation; policing; human rights and equality are all crucial matters that are primarily the responsibility of the governments. What do they plan to do about these? Power sharing is a central tenet of the Good Friday Agreement. Will the governments deliver on these obligations or will they acquiesce again to unionism? These are key matters; key areas of responsibility for London and Dublin.

" My initiative means that there can be no possible excuse for the process to remain in stagnation.So I am looking for the widest possible support. Here in County Armagh republicans have been part of all the great changes. The people of this county have always played a pivotal role in the struggle for freedom and justice.I am sure that that will continue into the future.

" I thank you all for your leadership and I thank you all for your contribution. Good luck in all that you do." ENDS

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