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Apple appeal represents a sad day for Ireland - Carthy

9 November, 2016

Sinn Fein MEP Matt Carthy has described the Irish Government’s move today to appeal the Apple tax ruling as “a sad day for Ireland”.

Carthy, a member of the European Parliament’s Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee and Panama Papers inquiry, said:

“The Government’s decision to join Apple in appealing the state aid ruling represents a sad day for Ireland, our people and our international reputation.

“The Government is going to spend millions in an attempt to avoid recouping the €13 billion in unpaid taxes from the second wealthiest corporation in the world - when our health service is crumbling and there are thousands of people homeless across this state.

"It’s an act of betrayal against Irish taxpayers, families and small businesses.

“As Michael Noonan was questioned yesterday by members of the European Parliament on tax avoidance in Ireland, he responded by saying ‘it’s not our fault’ and ‘it’s not only Ireland’.

“But the Government’s arguments that the Commission’s finding do not appear to stand up to scrutiny.

“The ruling reveals evidence that Revenue endorsed a scheme in its tax rulings in which Apple was allowed to artificially internally allocate the profits of two of its subsidiaries in a way that had ‘no factual or economic justification’.

“The Government can claim that this is not Ireland’s problem but it’s plain for all to see that Revenue actively assisted Apple in avoiding paying tax anywhere.

“Apple’s method of routing all of its European sales through its Irish subsidiaries was beyond the scope of this state aid investigation.

"But if Apple wants to book all of its sales for Europe through the Irish state then it needs to pay corporate tax here. It’s as simple as that.”

Carthy continued:

“We have demanded a public inquiry into the circumstances in which these tax rulings were issued.

“If Michael Noonan is so confident that the sweetheart deal with Apple was not illegal then he should open such an inquiry.

"The Government should also stop assisting Apple in delaying the publication of the state aid ruling.”


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