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Martin McGuinness Meets Mitchell Reiss In US Talks

13 April, 2005

Sinn Féin Chief Negotiator Martin McGinness MP today met with the US Special Envoy Mitchell Reiss in Washington. Mr McGuinness had travelled to the US to brief Mr Reiss and other US politicians on the initiative taken last week by Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams.

Mr McGuinness said:

" Last week Gerry Adams took a hugely significant initiative aimed at advancing the peace process and moving us out of the current deep impasse. This was a genuine attempt on behalf of Sinn Féin to show the necessary political leadership at what is undoubtedly a difficult period in the process.

" Gerry Adams initiative has been well received by both the British and Irish governments and by the Administration and political opinion here in the US. The fact that I am here in the US while other political leaders in the north are engaged solely on the election campaign is a demonstration of the seriousness with which we are taking forward this initiative.

" There is a narrow window of opportunity to get down to serious negotiations after the Westminster and Local Government elections. If this is to succeed then it is important that all in political leadership including the two governments display the necessary political will to see real progress made. That will involve difficult decisions for all, not just republicans." ENDS

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