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South Dublin County Council pass motion calling for an equitable spread of housing across the county - Cllr Jonathan Graham

14 November, 2016

Today South Dublin County Council supported a motion co-sponsored by Cllr Jonathan Graham and Cllr Danny O Brien agreeing that any rapid build emergency accommodation provided is equitably spread across the county.

Speaking after the Council meeting Cllr Graham said;

“The ethos of our motion was to ensure that there is an equal spread insofar as possible of any current emergency & future social housing projects across the county. This is certainly not a case of ‘not in my back yard’ syndrome.The record proves otherwise. We also hoped it would act as a catalyst for a broader discussion on the usage and development of Council owned land across the county.

"Clondalkin is already due to have several infill development projects at locations in St Mark’s Green, Lett’s Field, St Cuthbert’s & Oldcastle. This is much needed and welcomed housing for the area. 

"Myself and my party colleagues not only voted for but extensively lobbied the local community for their support for each project. Notwithstanding the fact that there is more housing needed in Clondalkin, something which we will continue to argue for and support the delivery of more units in Clondalkin, there is an obvious need for social and emergency accommodation in other parts of the county. 

"The plan put before Councillor’s for the delivery of emergency and social housing in the county was predominantly reliant on delivery in North Clondalkin & West Tallaght. The Council management cannot nor should not expect these areas to carry all the housing delivery for the entire county. St Mark’s estate for example was expected to take additional development alongside the planned infill at present.  The surrounding areas were also expected to take development.

"To perpetually seek to develop in the one immediate area is not only bad planning, it places a burden on already stretched services. The area needs to develop in tandem with planned housing."

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