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Resistance to Drugs of Last Resort is Extremely Worrying – Boylan

18 November, 2016 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Sinn Féin MEP Lynn Boylan has expressed her alarm at the new warnings from medical experts at the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control that drug resistance to critical antibiotics used as a last resort has started to be seen. 

The Dublin MEP said:

“These drugs are used as a final alternative for patients with serious infections when other antibiotics have become redundant from resistance. Resistant strains of bacteria continue to emerge at an alarming rate but this latest news that crucial drugs of last resort have now begun to fail as well is particularly worrying.

“As a lead negotiator in the European Parliament on the patient safety report last year, I was able to highlight the serious consequences which face us if this threat is not tackled head on. 

“Overuse and misuse of antibiotics for patients over the decades has now left us in a very precarious situation with antibiotic resistance now considered a global health priority. We are now facing into the very real threat that the number of deaths caused by this resistance will rise to a staggering 10 million per year by 2050.

“The effects of this crisis are already being felt and the news today that antibiotics of last resort have begun to fail must serve as a wake-up call. Our own Health Minister has unfortunately been very quiet on this public health crisis since he took office. 

“A report by the Health Information and Quality Authority in July noted that Ireland’s performance at tackling antimicrobial resistance had been ‘significantly hampered by the lack of an up-to-date national plan’. Indeed, we have not had a national plan since 2001.

“Given the seriousness this issue is for patient safety but also for countries’ economies, it is essential that more effort is made in halting antimicrobial resistance and an updated national plan is brought forward for Ireland as soon as possible.” 

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