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Boylan slams unrelenting push for EU militarisation

23 November, 2016 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Speaking during the plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Sinn Fein MEP Lynn Boylan took the floor to condemn the unrelenting push for the militarisation of the European Union at all levels.

MEP Boylan said:

“The European Union Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) voted on today in Strasbourg is further evidence of the unrelenting push for the militarisation of Europe at all levels, from coordinated security and defence policy through to an EU army. 

“At its core, the CSDP militaristically demands more investment in defence and defence research from Member States to reach the NATO capacity target of minimum 2% of GDP, it demands more money from the EU General Budget to be allocated to defence spending, and demands a strong arms industry in Europe modelled on the US arms industry.

“It is truly symptomatic of the ever growing federalism and militarisation of the European Union, driven by unelected Commissioners and larger Member States. Indeed, the CSDP text itself is further evidence of the contempt for Ireland and other neutral Member States.

“Instead of focusing on the militarisation of the EU and allowing Ireland to be forced to invest a minimum of 2% of our GDP on defence spending, it would make more sense to increase our investment in childcare which stands at around 0.3% of GDP, or education which is circa 5.8%, or towards our health system which struggles along on around 10.2%.

“Nevertheless, if Irish politicians are truly serious about maintaining the security and defence of our citizens, then the necessary funding should be allocated to An Garda Síochána and not surrendered to unelected bureaucrats in Brussels to finance EU imperialist adventures.

“Furthermore, if our politicians genuinely care about Ireland's neutrality, I would implore them to support my colleague Deputy Aengus Ó Snodaigh’s neutrality referendum Bill in the Dáil tomorrow.” 

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