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Adams - Sinn Féin offers Leadership

18 April, 2005

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams today joined Foyle Westminster candidate Mitchel McLaughlin for a billboard unveiling at Free Derry corner, before meeting with members of the Foyle Search and Rescue team.

Speaking from Derry Mr Adams said:

"This is a crucially important election. It is about the future - the type of Ireland we want to build. It is about the peace process and its success or failure. And it is about leadership - who is best to give the kind of leadership that will end conflict, build equality and make this century different from all those which have preceded it.

"My appeal to the IRA is about leadership - giving leadership. The SDLP and DUP have dismissed this initiative as a con trick. It is not. I believe that this initiative can make the difference. The Peace Process is at a defining point. Irish Republicanism is at a defining point. Big decisions have to be taken. I am asking people to support Sinn Féin record on the peace process and our efforts to find a way forward." ENDS

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