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Sinn Féin to open People's Book of Condolence for Castro - McVeigh

29 November, 2016 - by Jim McVeigh

Sinn Féin councillor Jim McVeigh has said his party will launch a people's Book of Condolence today for former Cuban leader Fidel Castro. 

Councillor McVeigh said; 

"Following the death of former Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro, Sinn Féin proposed that Belfast City Council should open a Book of Condolence to allow local people to pay their respects, in line with Dublin City Council.  

"It is disappointing, however, that the DUP opposed the move. 

"As a result we will be launching a People's Book of Condolence outside City Hall at 4.30pm today to allow people to express their solidarity and sympathy to the Castro family and people of Cuba. 

"You don't have to agree with the politics of Fidel Castro or everything he did to allow a platform for people to show their respects. 

"I would encourage as many people as possible to come along and pay respect to a man who was undoubtedly one of the major figures of 20th Century."

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