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Flooding of Mourne View Road in Newcastle

18 April, 2005

Newcastle Sinn Fein Councillor Willie Clarke MLA has praised the workers of  Roads Service and River Agency whose prompt action prevented severe flooding  on the Mourne View Road in Newcastle from causing serious damage to houses  in the locality.

Cllr Clarke:

"Yesterday's heavy rain resulted in residents of Mourne View Road having to  cope with rising flood levels that immersed the area in over two feet of water. It was only the prompt response of local residents who along with  workers from Rivers and Roads Service supplied and disrupted sand bags to householders in the area were homes saved from serious damage. At one point  in the day a heavily pregnant woman and her young daughter had to be brought  to her home on the back of a lorry and local residents are angry and fed up  that their houses are put at risk every time there is a heavy deluge of rain.

"This is an ongoing problem in Newcastle and flooding happens on a regular  basis because there are no storm drains in residential areas which means lying water is unable to drain away. Aggregate soak ways are totally  inadequate and after speaking to an engineer from Rivers Agency I will be calling a meeting of the relevant statutory agencies to ensure something is down to tackle this problem once and for all. ENDS


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