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Carthy hosts youth delegation at EU Parliament

1 December, 2016 - by Matt Carthy MEP

Twenty Sinn Féin Republican Youth (SFRY) delegates from counties in the Midlands and North West  travelled to European Parliament in Brussels this week for two days of engagements.

The delegation, which was hosted by Sinn Féin MEP Matt Carthy met with fellow youth activists from the Basque Country, the Cypriot AKEL, the Danish Left-Green Alliance, Podemos and Syriza.

The visitors also met with NGOs working on transparency and reform of the EU as well as progressive journalists.

Engagements dealt with capacity building within SFRY, the building of international alliances and debating issues facing the Left and particularly the youth, in Europe today.

The various meetings bore titles such as: Building our struggle, International solidarity; Campaigns to tackle Neo-liberalism in Europe; The future of the EU; Stand up Fight Back; and The Emergence of the Left across Europe.

During the visit, delegates also attended a special screening of the film ’66 Days’ about the 1981 Hunger Strikes.

Matt Carthy MEP said:

"It is important that young political activists from Ireland meet their counterparts from other European states.

"May of the problems faced by our respective countries are the same - austerity and the neo-liberal assault on society, the rise of racism, the denial of national self-determination.

"Solidarity and co-operation between those on the left on a cross-European basis is needed to face these challenges.

"I also believe that it is vital that the youth develop their own strategies in their own way, and was very happy to host this extremely successful delegation."

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