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Carthy brands EU Trade Commissioner "the Donald Tump of European politics"

2 December, 2016 - by Matt Carthy MEP

Sinn Féin MEP for the Midlands North West, Matt Carthy, this week attended a hearing of the European Parliament with Commissioner for Agriculture, Phil Hogan and Commissioner for Trade, Cecilia Malström.

Speaking about the hearing Matt Carthy said:

“I listened to Commissioner Malstöm talk about her trade agenda on a number of occasions. And now it has finally struck me why her rhetoric sounds familiar. She is the Donald Tump of European politics.

"Ms Malström continues with her assertions on the TTIP, CETA & Mercosour trade deals despite fact that trade unions, civil society, farmer organisations, SMEs, and the European Commission’s OWN public consultations are telling her that’s she’s on the wrong track.

Just as Donald Trump refuses to listen to the experts on climate change the commissioner has dismissed all alternative points of view on trade and in so doing has managed to alienate citizens from the EU in a way that no other political force could.

“This week we discussed a report, compiled for the commission itself, which sets out in extremely stark terms that we can support our farmers and we can support trade deals, but not both.

“Listening to the two Commissioners gloss over the fact that the beef sector is being set up for massive disturbances is hugely worrying for me as a representative of a rural constituency.

"This report predicts that there will be a significant increase in imports of beef of between 146,000 to 356,000 tonnes, with only a slightly modest growth in exports. 

"This will result in an overall negative impact on the net trade position of EU farmers and a direct downward pressure on EU producers.

“Yet both Commissioners addressing the Committee this week continued to use the same language that free trade creates growth, creates jobs and is necessary to ensure economic growth despite knowing that TTIP & CETA are not trade deals in the traditional sense and that their statements can be rebutted by any number of academics and policy makers worldwide.

“Trade agreements like CETA favour large industries and multinational corporations like Nestle rather than family farmers, local cooperatives and local produce.

"This much is now clearly evidenced with the publication of the European Commission’s report on the Cumulative Impact of Ongoing Trade Negotiations and global patterns.

“It is time that the Commission to wake up to the concerns of citizens across Europe.”

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