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May's Brexit proposal is ludicrous - Hazzard

7 December, 2016 - by Chris Hazzard

Sinn Féin MLA Chris Hazzard has said Theresa May's desire for a so-called 'red, white and blue Brexit' is ludicrous. 

Speaking after attending discussion with the British, Welsh and Scottish Governments. 

Mr Hazzard said:

"My party colleague John O'Dowd and I travelled to London today for the latest Joint Ministerial Council meeting which concentrated on Brexit.

"The British Government cannot claim on one hand to want to work with the devolved administrations and then on the other make such ultra Unionist statements as we have heard from Theresa May.

"Not only is it a trite and meaningless phrase, it also shows a total lack of understanding of or thought about the impact of Brexit on the North and the Good Friday Agreement. 

"It is clear Theresa May and her government do not understand the North or how it will be affected by their directionless approach to Brexit. 

"What she cannot ignore, however, is that the majority of people in the North voted to remain in the North and that vote must be respected. 

"Rather than causing further difficulties to an already difficult process the British government, and the Irish government, should work to achieve designated status for the North within the EU." 

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