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Imelda Munster TD welcomes passing of rickshaw amendment

14 December, 2016 - by Imelda Munster TD

Sinn Féin Transport Spokesperson Imelda Munster TD has this evening welcomed the passing of an amendment to the Road Traffic Bill 2016 which will give the National Transport Authority powers to regulate the operation of rickshaws.

Deputy Munster was speaking at Report Stage of the Road Traffic Bill 2016.

She said:

"I tabled this amendment to address a serious gap in legislation which had left rickshaw operators entirely unregulated. This is a serious road safety issue, and I am delighted that the amendment was successfully passed."

Referring to the fact that there is currently no legislation covering rickshaws Deputy Munster said:

“I have been raising this matter with the Minister since the summer and it is clear that he is in no rush to legislate on this matter. This leaves us in a situation where the sector is completely unregulated. Operators are not obliged to register rickshaws, there are concerns that they are being operated by unqualified persons and it leaves both operators and passengers in a legal limbo should an accident or dispute arise.

"Although Minister Ross told us this evening that he was hoping to prepare legislation to fill this gap in the New Year, he has been promising to legislate on this matter for a long time now and we cannot afford to wait any longer.

"The amendment I put forward was designed to amend the Taxi Regulations Act 2013 and will authorise the National Transport Authority to bring about regulation of the sector. I would like to see rickshaws operate in a licensed, regulated and tax compliant manner. This would ensure that our cities are safer for all road users including operators and passengers of rickshaws."

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