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Now is the time to plan and build for a United Ireland - Carthy

16 December, 2016 - by Matt Carthy MEP

Sinn Féin MEP Matt Carthy has said the results of an RTÉ opinion poll, which shows a majority of respondents agreeing with the proposition that it is time for a United Ireland, should be reflected in practical political preparation for unity.

Matt Carthy said:

“The results of this poll confirms those of successive opinion polls, which show a majority in the South in favour of Irish reunification.

"It is time that political leaders reflected the desire of people by starting the necessary, practical preparation for unity.

"In recent years, the North has been transformed as a result of the Peace Process.

"The prospect, since the Brexit referendum result, of one part of Ireland being taken out of the European Union, against the democratically expressed wishes of the people there, highlights the logic and desirability of Irish unity 

“A united Ireland will benefit all of our people North and South, unlocking the real economic potential of the island and acting as a spur for economic growth.

“It will lead to more jobs, an improvement in living standards across the island and more effective public services such as Healthcare.

"Sinn Féin seeks an agreed, inclusive, pluralist Ireland which is constructed by citizens from all backgrounds and traditions.

“We are seeking a referendum on a united Ireland, as provided for in the Good Friday Agreement.

"Securing such a referendum would be an historic opportunity for all the people of Ireland to build a better future together.

"Now is the time to plan and build the for unity. The leadership of those political parties which say they support Irish unity, acting together, could provide the leadership to deliver it.

"It is imperative now that the Irish Government prepares a real plan for unity. A first step in the next term of the Oireachtas would be the development of an all-party group to bring forward a Green Paper on this issue.

“In recent weeks Sinn Féin has published a discussion document which aims to stimulate debate and to make the case for unity. It is now time that others parties did the same.”

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