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Minister Denis Naughten gets facts wrong again - Lynn Boylan MEP

22 December, 2016 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Sinn Féin MEP, Lynn Boylan has accused Minister Denis Naughten of getting "his facts wrong yet again".  

Responding to Minister Naughten’s dismissal of the Advertising Standards Agency’s findings on the Eircode advert that the Minister commissioned, the Dublin MEP said;

“It is very clear that the Minister is once again dismissing the findings of a report without having read it first.  Denis Naughten has claimed that the ASAI did not investigate the Eircode advert because as a public service advert it was outside their code.

“This is absolutely untrue, the ASAI fully investigated the advertisement and in a six page report they found that it breached four of the advertising codes.  The advertisement was found to be misleading  and exploitative.

“It was only when the Executive of the ASAI submitted their findings to the ASAI Complaints Committee they found that they could not impose sanctions as it was deemed to be outside of the code because it was broadcast as a public service advertisement.  Another investigation into the advertisement is still underway within the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland.

“Rather than deal with the substantive issue, that a loophole in Irish legislation has been exposed permitting a Minister to broadcast an advert that promotes a government policy without having to comply with a code of standards, the Minister instead dismisses it.

“This is effectively a propaganda loophole and instead of acting like a petulant child and shaking his head, the Minister should address this loophole immediately or Sinn Féin will bring forward a bill to address it for him”. 

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