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Sinn Féin table emergency motion for Monday’s Dublin City Council meeting – Doolan

6 January, 2017 - by Daithí Doolan

Speaking this evening, Cllr Daithí Doolan, chair of Dublin City Council’s housing committee, said:

“The emergency motion both supports the Home Sweet Home campaign and calls for a major home building programme for Dublin. The Home Sweet Home campaign has very successfully drawn further attention to the homeless crisis in Dublin. The coalition of trade unionists, musicians, artists, and campaigners has put homelessness back on top of the political agenda.

“Dublin’s homeless crisis has been caused by consecutive governments starving local authorities of essential funding for housing. Dublin City Council’s housing budgets has been slashed year after year. This is unacceptable. We are now wholly dependent on government handouts to tackle an unprecedented housing crisis.

“The long term solution to the homelessness crisis is to build enough social and affordable housing to meet the needs of the 30,000 housing applicants on our housing list. The private market and private developers are incapable or unwilling to be part of the solution. Therefore, the government must provide the funding for a major building programme for Dublin and the wider state.

“Minister Simon Coveney must turn promises into real funding for our building programme. Dublin City Council must also have adequate staff to draft plans, access funding, and present these housing plans to councillors.

“Minister Coveney, council officials, and city councillors can work in partnership to deliver the housing that makes homelessness history. We have the land, we have the plans. The essential element missing is government funding.” 

Note: Please see below the emergency motion in question

Emergency Motion:

Dublin City Council;

Applauds the work done by Home Sweet Home in highlighting the homeless crisis in Dublin,

Understands that one of the major causes of homelessness is the shortage of social & affordable housing in Dublin,

Acknowledges the long term solution to the housing crisis is a government funded building programme that is dedicated to meeting the needs of those on Dublin City Council's housing & homeless lists.

Calls on the CE to allocate maximum resources to the housing department to ensure housing plans are drawn up as a matter of urgency for council owned land and presented as part 8's to Dublin City Council on a monthly basis.

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