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PAC meeting hears further allegations over RHI - McMullan

18 January, 2017 - by Oliver McMullan

Sinn Féin MLA Oliver McMullan has said evidence at today's meeting of the Public Accounts Committee clearly demonstrated the DUP’s mishandling and incompetence in the design and operation of the RHI scheme, which could cost the public purse up to £500m.

Oliver McMullan said:

"At today's meeting of the Public Accounts Committee we heard further allegations of DUP political interference in the handling of the RHI scheme.

“The failure to close or cap the scheme in the summer of 2015 led to the spike in applications which will cost the public purse £24m a year for the next 19 years.

"This constant drip feed of allegations and revelations highlights the need for full accountability and transparency around this scheme. 

“The DUP handling of the RHI crisis damaged public confidence and the integrity of the political institutions.

“There needs to be full accountability in relation to the RHI scandal and the allegations of corruption. There must be no hiding place for those who abused the scheme.

"Political institutions cannot be built on mistrust and a lack of public confidence.

“As a result of Martin McGuinness decisive intervention at the Assembly last week the people have the opportunity to vote to put equality, respect and integrity at the heart of the institutions."

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