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Irish Unity conference promises to be an important contribution to the debate - Matt Carthy MEP

20 January, 2017 - by Matt Carthy MEP

Tomorrow, Saturday 21st January, Sinn Féin Leader Gerry Adams TD will make a significant speech on Irish Unity and the challenges facing us today.

The conference, entitled Towards a United Ireland, takes place in the Mansion House on the anniversary of the inaugural meeting of the First Dáil, and will feature a wide range of contributors. Gerry Adams will address the conference, which is open to the media, at 1pm.

Speaking in advance of tomorrow's event, Matt Carthy MEP, head of Sinn Féin’s United Ireland strategy group said: “A series of opinion polls taken over many years has consistently shown that a significant majority in the South of Ireland favours reunification.

 “Meanwhile, the North has been transformed in recent years as a result of the Peace Process. "There has been huge change and conditions and attitudes and will continue to change as we go forward.

“Of course, the only poll that really matters is a referendum on this issue. Such a referendum is provided for in the Good Friday Agreement and Sinn Féin has called for one to be held. “This has been given new impetus by the prospect of Brexit dragging the North out of the EU against the democratically expressed wishes of people there.

 “Sinn Féin believes that there is now an urgent need for an inclusive, constructive debate on the future, including how a united Ireland might be brought about and what it might look like.

"Tomorrow's conference promises to be an important contribution to that debate.”

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