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Government spin means nothing without the strategy and funding to back it – Kenny

23 January, 2017 - by Martin Kenny TD

Martin Kenny TD, Sinn Féin spokesperson on Agriculture, said today that more government spin means nothing without the strategy and funding to back it. He was reacting to the announcement by the Taoiseach and others of another rural development plan.

Deputy Kenny said:

“Government spin means nothing and announcing yet another rural development plan with no proper capital investment to back it up fools no one in rural areas.

“The spin doctors are working overtime these days regurgitating government proposals in different guises. How many times now have we seen the announcement of the roll out of broadband?

“I am a rural TD. The broadband where I live in Leitrim is hit and miss and in my own home, to get a clear mobile phone signal, I have to walk out of the house onto the road. This is not the environment in which we can develop economically or attract inward investment.

“The announcement of the economic corridor in the West seems to have little to back it except vague promises. There is no strategy for the West; there is no plan to protect the family farm nor to encourage young people into the farming sector or developing fishing or fish processing on our own shores.

“Government spin is promising a loaves-and-fishes scenario with €60 million, spread over three years, distributed over 600 towns and villages being flagged as the way to end rural decline. That would work out at an average of €30,000 a year each, a derisory amount and with the state of our infrastructure, especially here in the North West, means nothing.

“We need financial commitment, strategic planning and less spoof and spin if rural Ireland, as we know it, is to survive.” 

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