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Sinn Féin introduce bill to combat ‘revenge porn’ – Johnathan O’Brien TD

25 January, 2017 - by Jonathan O'Brien TD

Sinn Féin Justice spokesperson Deputy Jonathan O’Brien today introduced legislation in the Dáil to combat harmful “revenge porn” practices.

The Cork North Central TD speaking in the Dáil said;

“In recent years, we have seen problems arising concerning the matter of ‘revenge pornography’; that is the deliberate distribution of compromising photographs and videos of a sexual nature throughout social media networks and on the internet in general.

“Very often, victims are faced with the prospect of not being able to tackle this with images left online that future employers can see. This can give rise to extremely negative repercussions in a victim’s life.

“This Bill is based on the work of the Law Reform Commission and we are hopeful that it will act as a starting point for a solution to the problems that arise.

“Persons who fall victim to this practice, and who have these images disseminated throughout Twitter without their consent, usually uploaded by an irate ex-partner, should not have to live with the response that there is very little that can be done about it.

“Further, this legislation also seeks to tackle circumstances where photoshopped images appear where a person’s face is superimposed on the intimate parts of another person’s body. It should be an offence for a person to distribute or publish an intimate image of another person without the other person’s consent, or to threaten to do so. This is intended to deal with the intentional shaming behaviour referred to as ‘revenge porn’.

“We in Sinn Féin would like for this Bill to be the starting point of discussion addressing the much needed and overdue legislative reform of this area and are urging all members of the Dáil to support it.” 

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