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Speculation grows that Sinn Féin could be largest political party after Westminster elections

2 May, 2005

Commenting on speculation that Sinn Féin could be the biggest political party in the North after the Westminster elections, Pat Doherty, Head of the party's Election Department said:

"A strong nationalist turnout on May 5 could see Sinn Féin become the largest political party in the north in terms of vote share.

"Having analysed the canvas returns from all 18 constituencies our assessment is that Sinn Fein can become the largest party in the north, in terms of popular support, at this election. If the largest party after this election is both nationalist and pro-Agreement this will impact significantly on the future of the political process.

"A decisive vote for Sinn Fein will send a clear signal to the two governments that the process of change outlined in the Good Friday Agreement must be accelerated. A strong Sinn Féin mandate will also act as a reality check for unionists who believe that they can turn back the clock, that the days of domination and second class citizenship are over and that the process of change is now irreversible.

"On May 5 nationalists have the opportunity to set a new precedent in the politics of the north of Ireland by putting a pro-Agreement Sinn Fein ahead of the anti-Agreement DUP." ENDS

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