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Unionist parties stand with the Tories on Brexit and against the Good Friday Agreement – John O’Dowd

9 February, 2017 - by John O'Dowd

Last night Westminster once again overwhelmingly voted to trigger Article 50.

In these votes both the DUP and UUP stood with the Tories. In one amendment both parties voted against protecting the Good Friday Agreement in the Brexit process.

Sinn Féin Brexit spokesperson Mr O'Dowd said:

"Last night in Westminster the UUP and the DUP stood with the Tory government to vote down Amendment 86, which would have protected the Good Friday Agreement in the Article 50 process.

"Both unionist parties have failed to act in the best interests of the people of the north who voted to remain as part of the European Union.

“Both have become cheerleaders for Brexit. They have now voted against protecting the Good Friday Agreement.

“The Good Friday Agreement is the basis upon which the peace process was built and as such the agreements made need to be protected.

“The actions of the Tory Government and both Unionist parties have now placed Brexit above the Good Friday Agreement.

“This vote is further evidence that political unionism remains opposed to the principles of the Good Friday Agreement of genuine power sharing based on equality and respect and integrity in the political institutions.”

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