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Sinn Féin calls for a thorough investigation into allegations about corruption in Waterford County Council

8 May, 2005

Waterford County Councillor Brendan Mansfield today called for transparency and full co-operation between the County Council and the Garda investigation into alleged corruption in Waterford County Council.

Cllr Brendan Mansfield said: "This is a very serious matter. The increasing speculation about the extent of corruption in Waterford County Council must be addressed openly and with determination to get to the heart of the matter."

"On Monday's meeting of the full Council, I will be calling on the manager to fully co-operate with the Garda investigation into the allegations and also to keep Councillors fully informed."

"It is crucial that the Garda investigation is allowed to proceed without any political interference and with the full co-operation of Waterford County Council. This investigation must be allowed explore all avenues, whether they involve politicians, council staff or contractors. The people of Waterford expect that anyone involved in corruption at whatever level is made accountable."

"We have repeatedly been told that the brown envelope culture is no longer with us; that the tribunals are dealing with all of that. It would appear that the brown envelope culture is not alone still with us but is still very profitable for some."

"I find it disgusting that in the light of the recent devastating news about Waterford Crystal and the other job losses in the area there is a culture of people feathering their nests rather than looking after the people of Waterford who they are mandated to serve."

"The abuse of the planning process impinges on very many people. It is very frustrating for ordinary people to see construction in unsuitable places when they themselves are refused planning permission."

"The previous council failed in its duty to protect and serve the people of Waterford when it refused to investigate allegations of corruption made against it. I will be calling on my fellow councillors on Monday to be unambiguous about supporting full and complete disclosure of the alleged activities which have favoured the few in Waterford at the expense of the many."ENDS

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