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City Manager proposal on casual trading fees rejected at Council meeting

10 May, 2005

Councillor Killian Forde, Sinn Fein finance spokesperson on Dublin City Council has tonight welcomed the support given by all political parties in rejecting the proposed exorbitant increases in casual trading fees. The Sinn Fein motion at the monthly City Council meeting, attended by a delegation of Dublin traders hosted by Sinn Fein, ensured that the arbitrary and inconsistently increases of up to 600% were rejected and that the traders of Dublin did not become the latest victims of Rip Off Ireland.

The City Council agreed to the motion to refer the issue of the fees to the Council‚s Finance Strategic Policy Committee (SPC) for consultation, discussion and recommendations.

Councillor Forde who is a member of the Finance SPC, said „Sinn Fein have held a number of meetings with Dublin traders and will ensure that their voice is heard at the new discussions. We will be insisting that the new review of the fees will be fair, transparent and negotiated. As a matter of policy Sinn Fein will be advocating;

That consultation with traders will take place.

That the Finance SPC is cognisant of the fact that although the fees remained static since 1995, the Consumer Price Index rose by some 40% in that period and as such increases not in line with the CPI is excessive.

That any extraordinary increases are staggered over a four-year period so as to monitor elasticity

That Casual Trading Fee increases are pegged to the commercial rates in future.

That the new fees must reflect the nature of the commercial activity taken place, for some traders they supplement their income and for others it is a family business.‰

Tonight's agreement was a victory for common sense and demonstrates Sinn Fein commitment to the small business community in Dublin.

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