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Sinn Féin MPs in London as new parliamentary sitting begins

11 May, 2005

Sinn Féin MPs Pat Doherty and Conor Murphy today travelled to Westminster for the opening day of the new parliamentary sitting. Sinn Féin MPs do not sit in the British House of Commons or take an Oath to the British Queen. They have however used the facilities due to them as elected MPs to deliver for their constituents and advance the Peace Process and the United Ireland agenda.

Speaking from Westminster, Mr Murphy said:

"Sinn Féin fought hard to secure the use of our facilities at Westminster in line with our substantial electoral mandate. In the years since we have used these facilities both to deliver for our constituents and also to advance the Peace Process and the United Ireland agenda.

"Having secured an increased mandate in the recent Westminster poll we are here today to set out clearly our intention to continue along this road.

"Of course in recent times on foot of flawed and inaccurate reports from the IMC the British Secretary of State, an individual with no mandate on Ireland, has chosen to impose sanctions on democratically elected Irish politicians. This has included financial and political discrimination against Sinn Féin and our electorate. This is unacceptable.

"At a time when our collective focus should be on rebuilding the Peace Process and getting inclusive political negotiations underway the blatant denial of the democratic rights of the electorate only serves to deepen the crisis further.

" We will also take the opportunity today to meet with a number of other MPs and urge them to continue to support efforts in the time ahead to see the Good Friday Agreement implemented and the promise offered by the recent initiative by Gerry Adams delivered." ENDS

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