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"Political stability required to enable our economy to flourish" - O'Neill

22 February, 2017 - by Michelle O'Neill

A sea change is required to provide the necessary political stability to enable our economy to flourish, Michelle O'Neill has told business leaders today.

Speaking at the 'Five Leaders Five Days' event hosted by the Chamber of Commerce, the Sinn Féin Leader in the North said a series of DUP-linked scandals had undermined our potential.

"I take no pleasure in acknowledging the crisis in public confidence caused by a series of DUP scandals such as Red Sky, NAMA and of course RHI," she commented.

"Political stability has been a key factor when it comes to attracting foreign direct investment, creating jobs, growing our economy. And the surest route to political stability is an Executive based on respect and integrity – an Executive that is not constantly undermined by financial scandals. There needs to be a sea-change in the working relationships and the conduct of the Executive.

"I am determined to get that right. Because a properly functioning Executive is best placed to decide policy in line with local priorities, needs and circumstances. That is why we are working hard to gain control of Corporation Tax and harmonise the rate across the island. That is also why further powers such as Income Tax and Stamp Duty should be transferred. 

"We should have the confidence and the courage to take responsibility for our own economic future and to work together for the common good. No-one has the luxury of working in silos." 

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