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Abolition of Mandatory Retirement Bill is about ending a long held discrimination – Denise Mitchell TD

23 February, 2017 - by Denise Mitchell TD

Speaking before the debate tonight on the Abolition of Mandatory Retirement Age Bill Denise Mitchell TD Junior Spokesperson on Social Protection said that this Bill is ultimately about ending a long held discrimination allowed under current employment law.

Denise Mitchell TD for Dublin Bay North said:

‘The Bill Sinn Féin are proposing will mean that workers, whether for personal or financial reasons, can continue to work if they wish. Currently when people reach a certain age, usually 65, they are forced from the workplace through their employment contract.

‘People can of course have a contribution to make after they retire but setting an age on when people are forced from the workplace seems to say they have no economic value or contribution to make. It has the feeling of an “out with the old” and “in with the new” approach and this cannot remain.

‘We must remember how this affects different people. What of those women who had their pension bands changed in 2012 and will now receive less of a pension, can they not at the very least be allowed work to gain more contributions? Although Sinn Féin would prefer in fact that the cuts be reversed as we raised in a motion in the Dáil only in December.

‘This act Sinn Féin are amending is the Employment Equality Act. How can we say we have equality in the workforce while the State allows blatant discrimination exist and this must be changed’

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