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DCC pass PPS voter registration

7 March, 2017 - by Greg Kelly

At Monday nights council meeting DCC Councillors passed a motion calling for all residents in Ireland to be automatically registered to vote using there PPS number.The motion was put forward by Sinn Fein Cllr Greg Kelly and was supported by all Councillors in the chamber.After the meeting Cllr Kelly said " It was great top see the support for my motion, I tabled it to try and simplify voter registration so once a resident become eligible to vote they can. The right for people to vote is very important and should not be a restricted process just to get it. The idea would also help with voter fraud as using the PPS number would cut down on the duplication of voter's at different locations"

This motion will now be sent to the minister for his consideration.

Cllr Kelly added "DCC are currently working with the other Dublin authorities in setting up a website where people can register easier and use there PPS number if they wish but we need to go further, so I am calling on the minister to publish legislation for automatic registration. The current register is not a true reflection of the population who should have a vote and every year we see thousands of people removed unfairly from the list and only find out on the day of an election."

"Legislation would not be the end of the process it should be complemented by an information awareness programme in all schools to ensure students area ware they are registered and how top go about exercising their vote"

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