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Partially Built Site under construction once more for 42 Units in Santry

7 March, 2017

Dublin City Councillor Noeleen Reilly has welcomed that 42 Social Housing Units which are under construction should be completed by early 2018 in Stormanstown.

Speaking this morning she said,

“A partially built site formally owned by the ESB is under construction for 11 Houses and 31 apartments in Stormanstown on Ballymun Road.

The units are being built by Grassridge Ltd and will be sold to Oaklee Housing Association once completed.

This is expected to happen late 2017 but more than likely early 2018.

Oaklee will then approach Dublin City Council for nominees from Area E of the housing waiting list.  

Area E had one of the greatest number of applicants on the list so the homes are very welcome.

Building in the area has been very slow as across much of Dublin.   We are starting to see small developments now under construction but it is really a drop in the ocean when you look at the housing list.

Also much of these have been bought by Voluntary Housing Bodies as opposed to Dublin City Council.

There is a real reluctance to provide the funding to DCC for the building and acquisition of homes by central government.

This has been the trend over the last ten years which has contributed to the crisis we are in.” 

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