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Sinn Féin providing genuine political leadership in Ireland South and right across the island - David Cullinane TD

11 March, 2017 - by David Cullinane TD

Sinn Féin's Waterford TD David Cullinane was this afternoon elected as the Chairperson of the party's Ireland South cúige at an AGM in Cashel, County Tipperary. The cúige, based on the EU constituency boundaries, comprises of ten counties in Munster and southern Leinster. In 2014, Sinn Féin had a major breakthrough in the region when Liadh Ní Riada was elected as an MEP.

Speaking following his election today, Deputy Cullinane said;

"Every day people right across the ten counties of Ireland South are coming over to Sinn Féin. It is the same the length and breadth of the country. They see the value of our politics. They see the credibility of the analysis that we present on the major issues impacting their daily lives.

"More and more, ordinary people are waking-up to the reality that they have been duped by the self-serving nature of the so-called 'centre-ground' parties. They know the reality is that the term centre-ground is just a new brand name for the archaic political establishment. It is a sanitised term to describe the co-operation between Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil, the parties that have delivered crises in housing, health care, justice and in vital public infrastructure. People in our communities don't have to be told that 'new politics' is really a term for more of the same. They have it sussed already

"Sinn Féin is not distracted by the political circus fostered by Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil. The frenzy around the timing of Enda Kenny's departure or who will take his job won't change the anti-working class policies that they have put at the heart of government. Similarly, the cynical tactic of Fianna Fáil, to act as a party of government and opposition at the same time, holds no value in terms of addressing the inequality in this state.

"Sinn Féin is not interested in the perpetual navel-grazing of the political elite. We are fully focused on providing real citizen-centred solutions that will get people into homes, off waiting lists and allow them to access treatments, have full confidence in their policing & justice system while not being crushed by a cost of living crisis that isn't of their making.

"We are providing political leadership in Ireland South and right across the island as a whole. This leadership is based on the principles of integrity and social justice, and people are responding to our message.

"We are preparing for a Dáil election. Make no mistake, the current government is a lame duck administration. It has become a conveyor belt of scandal and crisis.

"Fine Gael and the Independents remain in government only by favour of their friends in Fianna Fáil, but they are no longer in power. Their disasterous handling of recent debacles has seen to that. The public no longer trusts them, if they ever did at all.

"Sinn Féin in this cúige will be ready for the election whenever it is called. We will be ready right across the twenty-counties and, much like our recent success in the north, I am confident that the elecorate will support our vision.

"The radical republican agenda is feared by our opponents because they have an inherent disdain for fairness and equality. Well our message here in Cashel today is that the status quo is longer acceptable in modern Ireland.

"It's time for a fundamental change in how political business is done on this island. In the months to come, Sinn Féin will be at the forefront of realising this much needed change."

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