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Cllr Ward welcomes plans to install CCTV in St Cuthbert's Park

15 March, 2017 - by Mark Ward

Sinn Fein Cllr for Clondalkin welcomes plans by South Dublin County Council to install CCTV in St Cuthbert’s Park. St Cuthbert’s Park has been blighted recently by anti-social behaviour and illegal dumping.

Cllr Ward said;

“I welcome the plans to install CCTV in St Cuthbert’s Park. This will go a long way in dealing with anti-social behaviour in the park. The park has had issues with scramblers and joy riding over the last year”

“We have an opportunity to reclaim the park for public use in line with the building of 63 houses in the park. I am a member of a high level task force of public reps, senior council officials, senior Guards and the Community Safety Forum, that are tasked with coming up with long and short term solutions to anti-social behaviour for the park”

“Additionally our remit is to come up with ways to make the park user friendly for all the people of South West Clondalkin. I have been tasked to develop a group of local residents to help with the process and I am currently pursuing this”

“The issue of illegal dumping in the park and the surrounds is continually getting worse. The vast majority of resident from the area are responsible and dispose of their litter correctly. However there is an element out there who have no moral qualms about dumping household rubbish in our park, estates and on the side of the road”

“There is no worse sight when driving into Bawnoge than to see litter strewn all over the roads. The actions of a minority is bringing the whole area down. To compound the issue there is also dumping being done in the area for commercial gain. Scrupulous litter collectors are collecting people’s household waste and dumping it wherever they get the chance. This activity needs to stop”

“I have been giving assurance by the management of South Dublin County Council that the installation of this CCTV in St Cuthbert’s Park is a priority. Clondalkin Gardaí will be fully involved with the process. The installation of CCTV is positive news for the area and will act as a deterrent in St Cuthbert Park and the surrounds. I expect incidents of anti-social behaviour and illegal dumping to decrease”

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