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British government Brexit border plans will not allay fears - O'Dowd

15 March, 2017 - by John O'Dowd

Sinn Féin MLA John O'Dowd has said attempts by the British government's Brexit secretary to offer reassurances on the border will not allay fears. 

John O'Dowd said: 

"Attempts today by the British government's Brexit secretary David Davis to reassure people about the prospect of a hard border in Ireland post-Brexit were laughable.

"He claims there will be a digital border and that his government will develop the technology to manage it. But given his government's track record of trying and failing to develop bespoke computer systems his comments will not reassure anyone. 

"And his comments are all the more ridiculous because it won't be up to Britain to decide what any EU border will look like. That decision will be taken by the 27 member states. 

"There is a genuine fear across Ireland that the British government's reckless Brexit agenda will lead to a hard border to the detriment of the economy across the island. That is one of the reasons the majority of people here voted to remain in the EU. 

"The only alternative is to secure designated special status for the north within the EU."

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