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Remembering those in “Direct Provision” on St. Patrick’s Day - Cllr. Enda Fanning

20 March, 2017 - by Enda Fanning

As we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, Sinn Féin South Dublin Councillor Enda Fanning has suggested we spare a thought for those in “Direct Provision” across the state.  

Cllr. Fanning said:

“While we rightly seek solutions for the “undocumented” Irish in the U.S. there is a sense of hypocrisy as we have overseen the Direct Provision system here for the last 17 years – a system that was introduced as an ‘interim’ solution for the number of people seeking asylum here. That interim solution is still in place and the majority of such centres are privately owned and operated for profit.

“Last evening I attended a rally in Dublin city centre in support of the Undocumented in Ireland and US. A letter from the undocumented in Ireland to the undocumented in the US was read out. One sentence in particular grabbed my attention: “the lives you live in America, we live in Ireland”.

“That letter and those words should be compulsory reading for our Taoiseach, Ministers and representatives on their flight home from the US. While they advocate for the undocumented in the US, they do nothing for the undocumented here.

“I would like to remind the Government that the Special Rapporteur on Child Protection, Dr. Geoffrey Shannon, has described Direct Provision as "institutionalised poverty”. In addition the Irish Refugee Council has reported that young people living in Direct Provision centres are more prone to depression and suicide.

“This is a shocking state of affairs and while we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, let us remember the hypocrisy of not addressing the plight of the undocumented here while we continue to operate Direct Provision Centres."

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