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Crowe - Cynical education move shows that Fianna Fáil is morally bankrupt

27 June, 2003

Reacting to the news that former Minister for Education Michael Woods prevented news being issued to schools around the country because he believed it would undoubtedly harm Fianna Fáil's election chances Sinn Féin Spokesperson on Education Seán Crowe described the party as "morally bankrupt" and stated that it is a party willing to say, do or promise anything to get elected.

The Dublin South-West TD said: "I am beginning to wonder whether there was a single piece of honesty in Fianna Fáil's entire election campaign. Since the Government was re-elected it has broken promises it made to the people on an almost daily basis. It now transpires that they were lieing to children and their parents across Ireland as part of a campaign of deception and misinformation that is breathtaking in its cynicism.

"Fianna Fáil is a party that is clearly ready to say anything, do anything or promise anything in an effort to get elected. It would appear they care for nothing but gaining power and holding it. Once they have it, as we have seen over the last number of years, they do not demonstrate the will to use it effectively.

"Fianna Fáil has long been bankrupt of ideas. The revelation that former Minister Woods instructed civil servants to prevent news and information going to schools because he feared it might have a negative effect on his party's election prospects show that they are morally bankrupt as well." ENDS

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