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Munster urges FAI to address issues of concern for women’s soccer team through PFAI

5 April, 2017 - by Imelda Munster TD

Sinn Féin spokesperson for Sport Imelda Munster TD has today voiced serious concern about the alleged poor treatment of the Irish senior women’s soccer team by the FAI and has expressed hope that the FAI will now address the issues of concern raised by the women’s soccer team through the Professional Footballers Association of Ireland.

The Louth TD said:

“I was shocked to hear the reports coming from the press conference yesterday at Liberty Hall, where serious issues were raised by the women’s soccer team players, and I was very disappointed to hear that the women’s soccer team feel like the FAI treats them as though they were ‘fifth class citizens’ and ‘dirt on the FAI’s shoe’.

“When our senior women’s soccer team feel that they have been pushed to the point of arranging a press conference to air their grievances, and when they have to threaten strike action, it is a very serious situation indeed.

“These women are senior athletes, they are role models, and they deserve the same respect that is afforded to their male counterparts. These women give up their time and make huge sacrifices in order to represent Ireland on the international sporting stage. They have continuously raised concerns about payments for loss of earnings, concerns about having to change in and out of tracksuits in airport toilets, not being allowed to keep their kits, and numerous other concerns.

“I urge the FAI to heed the grievances aired by the women’s soccer team through the PFAI to address these genuine grievances to the satisfaction of the players involved.

“There is a responsibility on the FAI to ensure that each player, regardless of their gender, is treated with respect, equality, and dignity.” 

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