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Sinn Féin document on the EU Constitution

16 May, 2005

Our approach to the EU

The European Union is a more dominant force than ever in the political, economic and social life of Ireland. The Sinn Féin delegation has a policy of critical but constructive engagement with the EU.

This means we decide to support or oppose the many and complex developments in the EU each on its own merits. We have supported EU and other Europe-wide measures that promote and enhance human rights, equality and the all-Ireland agenda. These measures are an example of the EU at its best, promoting a basic level of rights protection in all member states. But we have also never been afraid to stand up against EU measures that are damaging to Irish interests.

We want to build a Europe of Equals - a true partnership of equal sovereign states, co-operating in social and economic development in Europe and beyond. We want an EU that promotes peace, demilitarisation and nuclear disarmament and the just resolution of conflicts under the leadership of a reformed, renewed and democratised United Nations. Ultimately, we want a future United Ireland to take an active, leading role in such a reformed EU.

We are a campaigning party. We work with others who share our political vision to effect social change. Consistent with our republican agenda at home, Sinn Féin's Agenda for Change at EU level involves actively campaigning for:

  • an independent Ireland of Equals in an EU of Equals
  • an EU that respects and promotes national, collective and individual rights (including human, political, social, cultural and economic rights)
  • an economically and socially just EU, not an EU that is merely another economic superpower
  • a demilitarised and nuclear-free EU
  • a globally responsible, fair-trading EU that leads the way on reaching the Millennium Development Goals for halving global poverty by 2015

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